What is a Revoked Entity? Why is my Entity Now Revoked?

Uh oh... !!! Did you receive a notification in the mail that advised your business entity is no longer active or has been revoked? If this has happened to you, well, you are in good hands! Yes, this has happened to many companies before so you are not the first, however, we need to get on this right away!

What is a Revoked Business Entity? A Revoked Status of a Business entity simply means that your company is no longer in business, and has been out of Compliance with the Secretary of State that you are currently doing business in for a while. Usually the Secretary of State will advise your Registered Agent of when your Annual Report Filing will be due. In most cases, when this filing has not been completed or filed with the Secretary of State that you are currently doing business in, they meaning the State, will issue what is called a notice of Revocation.

When you receive any notices from the Secretary of State, it is extremely important to make sure to follow what ever guidelines or such issued notices that you may receive. In this case, they is where us Adocyo Corporate Services comes in. We are experts in Reinstating Business Entities so that they are in Compliance with the Secretary of State, and that your entity is in an Active Status to do business of the state in which you choose to conduct business in.

For more information, of if you have any additional questions, please contact our office at (619) 800-3770 or Email our Customer Service Team directly at: info@adocyo.com. We will be more that happy to assist you with any of your questions, or entity assistance.

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