What is Registered Agent Services?

Adocyo is a registered agent which acts as a third party that is appointed by a business entity or individual to formally accept service of process and legal notices on behalf of any entity. As your Registered Agent, we will also notify you when your Annual Report filings will become due with governmental agencies and can also maintain your corporate business filings. 

What is a Limited Liability Company or LLC?

An LLC is also known as a limited liability company. Establishing a limited liability company, or LLC is one of several ways to structure a business. This protects your personal assets by keeping them separate from your business assets. It can also be one of the most flexible entities when it comes to taxation and business structure.

What is a Corporation or INC?

The common C-Corporation is also known as c-corp, is normally formed if you are starting a large organization with a sizable amount of employees, or are planning a publicly-traded company. The shares of stock of a C-Corporation are easily transferable. There is no limit to the number of people who can own shares. Corporations offer specialized taxation that also limits the company's liability. When you form a corporation, the company itself isn't taxed. Instead, profits and losses are tallied and taxed after being distributed to shareholders.

For this reason, a corporation is most often chosen by companies incorporating multiple shareholders and is considered a good alternative to the legal business partnership because it provides tax benefits without the overhead and complexity.

What is Entity Compliance?

Our compliance department can assist and file your Annual Report within any Secretary of State Jurisdiction. To help assist your business, we file the Annual Reports on behalf of your company. If your entity is past due we are still able to bring your entity current with the state. To close your business, we can formally prepare a filing to the Secretary of State. (Even if the entity is currently past due with the state). If your entity is defunct, we can reinstate your entity to bring it back into active status. We can assist and prepare any amendments to your filings with the Secretary of State. We file the Annual or Periodic Report Filings that are submitted to the Secretary of State. (Even if they are currently past due).

Making Notes

Can you Reinstate my entity if I am behind on the Business filings?

Our compliance department can assist and file your Reinstatement within in any Jurisdiction even if your entity is defunct!
Our Entity Reinstatement Specialists will prepare and manage your Reinstatement filing directly with the governmental agencies on your behalf.