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Adocyo employs a dynamic strategy for brand partnerships, working collaboratively across the organization and directly with our talent roster to address the unique needs of each partner. Our expertise spans talent acquisition, content development and distribution, music licensing, social and digital activation, and experiential collaborations. Our cutting-edge branded campaigns are tailor-made to achieve widespread global visibility and engagement, while also offering personalized, locally targeted activation. We go beyond traditional representation by partnering with clients to develop intellectual property that extends beyond their primary careers. This diverse portfolio includes ventures such as publishing companies, production companies, apps, apparel, software, lifestyle brands, and video games. We are dedicated to empowering our clients as entrepreneurs, enabling them to establish scalable businesses alongside their main professions. Moreover, Adocyo is actively developing music projects in film, television, documentaries, and audio formats, with initiatives spanning major film studios, broadcast networks, and cable/digital platforms.


What We Do

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